Parent Consultation

Have you ever wished to have a conversation with a parenting professional regarding your child’s behavior or your own responses?  

This is precisely what parent consultation offers – an opportunity for you to raise these questions and for me to provide valuable insights. My primary role is to bolster your parenting journey. With over 20 years of experience working with children and their families, I offer you a comprehensive understanding of your child’s development and behavior. Together, we chart a course forward.  

What I often find is that a single query can lead to a series of interconnected questions. Sometimes, we navigate through practical approaches to specific scenarios, while at other times, we delve into comprehending your child’s unique experiences. Additionally, we explore the reasons behind your reactions and work on making necessary adjustments. 

I have extensive experience working with a diverse range of families, and I hold great respect for parents who are committed to their own development. The frequency of these sessions is based on your needs. 

Attachment-Based Developmental Approach: 

In parent consultation, I draw on my studies at The Neufeld Institute. Through this approach, parents discover that they are their child’s most valuable resource. They come to realize that, despite the multitude of “experts” and parenting books, they have an intimate understanding of what their child truly needs.   

My studies at the Neufeld Institute have profoundly shaped my approach to working with parents. The institute’s emphasis on an attachment-based developmental approach offers parents a unique perspective on understanding their children. This approach empowers parents by helping them make sense of their child’s behavior, allowing them to tap into their innate parenting instincts and values. Instead of relying on the latest prescribed parenting methods, the focus is on strengthening the parent-child relationship. 

The Neufeld Institute framework provides a comprehensive guide to understand a child’s experience and the intricate dynamics within the parent-child relationship. This model is instrumental in unraveling perplexing questions such as, ‘Why did my parents need to glance at me only once for compliance, while my child seems to disregard my requests, no matter how many times or ways I ask?’ Upon achieving this understanding, we often discover that seemingly small adjustments can yield significant outcomes. Parents frequently express, ‘It just makes so much sense,’ reflecting their surprise at the minimal effort required once they integrate this newfound clarity into their understanding. 

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